Why do you really have GCSE mock exams?

So the school knows how well you are doing, with enough time left before your real GCSE exams to make some big improvements. Once they know how you are doing they can plan your next steps. If you do not achieve your potential in the mocks, the school can work out where you went wrong and put an action plan in place.

What happens if you didn’t do as well as you hoped and you still have no idea where you went wrong?

I can analyse your exam papers to establish gaps in your:

knowledge – all the way down to sub topics within Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

skills – I can establish whether you are understanding the question, have problems answering the question, missing the point entirely or losing out on marks because you have problems understanding data.

From these finding I can suggest activities, revision exercise or ways to answer certain questions. I can also tell you the types of questions that you do well in and those that need further improvement.